• Talk presenters: If you’re using handouts, please bring about 100.
  • Poster presenters: Our poster boards are 4×4 feet. Both portrait and landscape orientations are possible.
  • Where are the presentations? (Campus map)
    • On Friday, registration and the morning talks are in the Integrative Learning Center (ILC), rooms N151 and S140. The afternoon talks are in Herter Hall, rooms 227 and 231.
    • On Saturday and Sunday, talks are in the ILC, rooms S240 and S131.
    • All invited talks are in the ILC N151.
    • Posters are in the lounge areas of the linguistics department: ILC, 4th floor.

Friday, Oct. 14

Time Session 1 Session 2
Registration and breakfast
ILC, 1st floor
Opening remarks
ILC N151
ILC N151
Case & Agreement I
Chair: Sakshi Bhatia
ILC S140
Semantics I
Chair: Hsin-Lun Huang
09:15–9:45 Philipp Weisser
Why there is no such thing as Closest Conjunct Case
Masha Esipova
Contrast and distributivity in the semantics of alternation
9:45–10:15 Laura Kalin
Dropping the F bomb: An argument for valued features as derivational time bombs
Luka Crnic
More on less
Case & Agreement II
Chair: Stefan Keine
Semantics II
Chair: Jon Ander Mendia
10:30–11:00 Will Oxford
Person dissimilation in the derivation of agreement alternations
Christopher Davis
Evidentiality, Maximize Presupposition, and Gricean Quality in Okinawan
11:00–11:30 Yining Nie
Why is there NOM-NOM but no ERG-ERG?
Vincent Rouillard and Bernhard Schwarz
Epistemic Narrowing from Maximize Presupposition
Poster session
Linguistics department, ILC, 4th floor
Natalia Slioussar
Better plurals than genuine plurals: syncretism and grammaticality illusions in number agreement
Diogo Almeida and Matthew Tucker
The complex structure of errors and the independent visibility of phi-features: Deriving grammatical and markedness asymmetry effects in agreement attraction
Vera Gor
Acceptable but Ungrammatical in Comparison: Overriding Principle C Violations in Comparatives
Dustin Chacón and Nikhil Lakhani
Resumptive pronouns affect later filler-gap dependency processing
Ivona Kucerova
On labeling of DP coordinations and the lack of phi-feature resolution in syntactic Agree
Kenyon Branan
Dependent Case as a licenser in Kikuyu
Sam Zukoff
Arabic Nonconcatenative Morphology and the Syntax-Phonology Interface
Wendell Kimper
Alien Phonotactics: What can science fiction tell us about implicit knowledge
Itai Bassi and Moshe E. Bar-Lev.
A unified existential semantics for Bare Conditionals
Peter Jenks and Hannah Sande
Case and caselessness in Moro
Jess H.-K. Law and Kristen Syrett
Experimental evidence for the discourse potential of bare nouns in Mandarin
Annemarie van Dooren
Priority necessity modals and their complements
Milena Sisovics
Permission and irony: the case of German “duerfen”
Rahul Balusu
PPI effects with an NPI/FCI in Telugu
Ezer Rasin
Resumptive pronouns across components: evidence from Hebrew
Alex Drummond and Junko Shimoyama
Complex degrees and an unexpected comparative interpretation
Yihui Quek and Aron Hirsch
Separating focus meanings and focus forms in Standard and Colloquial Singapore English
Ken Hiraiwa
Labeling Roots and Pronouns
David Adger, Alex Drummond, David Hall and Coppe van Urk
Deconstructing Condition C Reconstruction
Jeffrey Geiger and Ming Xiang
“Context can!”: Contextual accommodation in exophoric and anaphoric verb phrase ellipses
Kazuko Yatsushiro, Uli Sauerland and Artemis Alexiadou
Testing Plural Unmarkedness Across Languages
Nora Boneh and Lea Nash
On datives between P and APPL
Yu’an Yang and Ying Liu
Exhaustivity in Mandarin: Evidence from L1 acquisition
Lunch (on your own)
Herter 227
Chair: Rudmila Rodica Ivan
Herter 231
Syntax & Semantics I
Chair: Carolyn Anderson
13:45–14:15 Isabelle Charnavel and Dominique Sportiche
Icelandic sig: a standard anaphor, after all
Emily Hanink and Ryan Bochnak
Factivity and two types of embedded clauses in Washo
14:15–14:45 Emily Clem
Two types of binding: Evidence from Tswefap pronominals
Hiromune Oda
Two Types of the Coordinate Structure Constraint and Rescue by PF Deletion
Special Session: Grammatical Illusions
Chair: Lyn Frazier
Syntax & Semantics II
Chair: Nicholas LaCara
15:00–15:30 Shayne Sloggett and Brian Dillon
When errors aren’t: How comprehenders selectively violate Binding Theory
Alexander Williams and Jeffrey J. Green
Why Implicit Control cannot be a syntactic or semantic relation between arguments
15:30–16:00 Nayoun Kim, Kathleen Hall and Masaya Yoshida
Grammatical Illusions in Locative constructions
Margaret Kroll and Deniz Rudin
Licensing and Interpretation: A Comprehensive Theory of Sluicing
Special Session: Grammatical Illusions
Chair: Lyn Frazier
Syntax I
Chair: Amy Rose Deal
16:15–16:45 Kevin Mullin
Phonotactically-mediated Spectral Contrast and a Parallel Perception Grammar
Tim Hunter and David Potter
Distinguishing approaches to island insensitivity
16:45–17:15 Ellen O’Connor
The Accidental Ambiguity of Inversion Illusions
Stefan Keine
Weak crossover obviation and Principle C amnesty have distinct sources
ILC N151
Cleo Condoravdi
Conditional Imperatives and Endorsement
(joint work with Sven Lauer)

Saturday, Oct. 15

Time Session 1 Session 2
Registration and breakfast
ILC, 1st floor
ILC S240
Special Session: Linearization

Chair: Kyle Johnson
ILC S131
Phonology I

Chair: Ivy Hauser
09:00–09:30 Daniel Edmiston and Eric Potsdam
Linearization at PF: Evidence from Malagasy Extraposition
William G. Bennett and Natalie Delbusso
Typological consequences of ABCD constraint forms
09:30–10:00 Lauren Clemens and Jessica Coon
VOS two ways: A unified account of V1 order in Mayan
Guilherme Garcia
Grammar trumps lexicon: Typologically inconsistent weight effects are not generalized
Special Session: Linearization
Chair: Kyle Johnson
Phonology II
Chair: Coral Hughto
10:15–10:45 Hedde Zeijlstra
Explaining FOFC without the LCA
Brian Smith and Claire Moore-Cantwell
Emergent idiosyncracy in English comparatives
10:45–11:15 Martin Salzmann
Displaced morphology in German: New evidence for post-syntactic morphology
Jeffrey Adler and Jesse Zymet
Irreducible parallelism in process interactions
ILC N151
Gaja Jarosz
Refining UG: Connecting Phonological Theory and Learning
Lunch (provided) and Poster session
Linguistics department, ILC, 4th floor
Andrew Weir
Ellipsis in ‘DP be CP’ constructions and the syntax of embedded fragments
Anton Karl Ingason and Einar Freyr Sigurdsson
The interaction of adjectival structure, concord and affixation
Jessica Coon, Stefan Keine and Michael Wagner
Hierarchy effects in copular constructions: The PCC corner of German
William Kruger
EPP and (Anti-)That-Trace Effects: No More Weak-T
Theodore Levin
Distinguishing object agreement and clitic doubling in Noun Incorporation constructions
Maria Kouneli
The morphological expression of nominal number in Kalenjin
Irina Monich, Matthew Baerman and Bert Remijsen
Vowel Length in Nuer
Eva Zimmermann
Reduplication as fission: The argument from multiple reduplication
Caitlin Smith
Harmony Triggering as a Segmental Property
Imke Kruitwagen, Eva B. Poortman and Yoad Winter
Reciprocal Verbs as Collective Predicate Concepts
Scott Grimm and Beth Levin
Artifact Nouns: Reference and Countability
Michela Ippolito
Indefinite Pronouns
Cara Feldscher
States and degrees: Additive again
Andreas Walker
Local similarity and the two readings of counterfactual donkey sentences
Isabelle Charnavel
Perspective on Causal Clauses
Nagarajan Selvanathan
Reflexive Connectivity in Copular Clauses and Identity Functions
Emily Hanink
Internally headed relative clauses in Washo: how to escape the indefiniteness restriction
Shoichi Takahashi and Ohtaka Akane
A Lacuna in Adjunct Extraposition
Lea Nash
Nominal splits and structure of pronominal arguments
Nina Radkevich
Case mismatches in Lak in ellipsis and gapping
Shih-Yueh Jeff Lin
Ulivelivek Wh1 as the Pseudocleft
Petr Kusliy
On an incompatibility between tenses and temporal adverbs
Akihiko Arano
Multiple Scrambling, Headless vP-Movement, and Cyclic Linearization
Elena Callegari
A Flexible Account of the Distribution of Different Types of Topics
Anna Volkova
The architecture of relative clauses: evidence from reflexives
Laura Grestenberger
“Strict” adjacency and voice allomorphy in Classical Greek passives
ILC S240
Syntax–Semantics Interface I

Chair: Ethan Poole
ILC S131
Morphology & Syntax I

Chair: Leland Kusmer
14:00–14:30 Patrick Elliott, Nathan Klinedinst, Yasutada Sudo and Wataru Uegaki
Predicates of relevance and theories of question embedding
Hannah Sande
Process morphology in a realizational theory
14:30–15:00 Marie-Christine Meyer and Uli Sauerland
Covert Across-the-Board Movement Revisited
Ksenia Bogomolets, Paula Fenger and Adrian Stegovec
Arapho, the English of Algonquian: V-C movement and its effects on agreement paradigms
15:00–15:30 Hadas Kotek
Movement and alternatives don’t mix: A new look at wh-intervention effects
Lindley Winchester
Morphosyntactic Features and Contextual Allomorphy: Evidence from Modern Standard Arabic
Syntax II
Chair: Thuy Bui
Experimental Semantics
Chair: Alexander Göbel
15:45–16:15 Coppe van Urk
Phase impenetrability and resumption in Dinka
Maribel Romero, Anja Arnhold, Bettina Braun and Filippo Domaneschi
Negative Polar Question Types in English
16:15–16:45 Amy Rose Deal
Covert hyperraising to object
Jeremy Zehr, Aron Hirsch, Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and Florian Schwarz
Priming local accommodation of hard triggers in disjunction
16:45–17:15 Sjef Barbiers
Restructuring Bridges
Yimei Xiang and Alexandre Cremers
Mentions-some readings of plural-marked questions: Experimental evidence
ILC N151
Klaus Abels
On the syntax of multiple sluicing
(joint work with Veneeta Dayal)
Conference Dinner
Student Union (across from the ILC)

Sunday, Oct. 16

Time Session 1 Session 2
Registration and breakfast
ILC, 1st floor
ILC S240
Syntax–Semantics Interface II

Chair: Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten
ILC S131
Syntax & Semantics III

Chair: Andrew Weir
09:30–10:00 Ivy Sichel
Extraction from Relative Clauses
Richard Stockwell
VP ellipsis with symmetrical predicates
10:00–10:30 Omer Demirok
Free Relatives and Correlatives in Wh-in-situ
Andres Salanova and Javier Carol
The mirative evidential is neither surprise nor contradiction, but discovery
Syntax–Semantics Interface III
Chair: Ekaterina Vostrikova
Morphology & Syntax II
Chair: Deniz Özyıldız
10:45–11:15 Tatiana Philippova
The phrasal comparative: a novel argument for the reduced clause analysis
Virginia Dawson
Optimal clitic placement in Tiwa
11:15–11:45 Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and Andrew Weir
Sentential and possibly subsentential modification: the ambiguity of Collins conjunctions
Neil Myler
Complex Copula Systems as Suppletive Allomorphy
11:45–12:15 Ora Matushansky and Joost Zwarts
Making space for measures
Clarissa Forbes
Aggressively ergative agreement in Gitksan
ILC N151
Roumyana Pancheva
The Person Case Constraint: A Reconceptualization
(joint work with Maria Luisa Zubizarreta)
Business meeting
ILC N151